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Optimize the productivity of your organization with solutions
designed to meet your needs.

Ip Solutions

Ip Solutions

Ip Solutions

Unified Communications

Ip Solutions

Netdata it

Ip Solutions


Ip Solutions

We have all IP technologies that will allow
you to have a high-speed unified communications platform
and shorten distances, via IP Voice services,
video conferencing, and wireless networks.

Routing & Switching

in NETDATA, we have all IP components
that connect you to the world in high speed.

  • Extend your communications platform

    Work on a secure communications platform that allows you to access to your employees, to all business information and applications, increasing your productivity.

  • Improve your business processes

    Innovate your sales, administration and operation services, make your processes more efficient with up to 10GE speed and reducing costs.

  • Enhances the of your employees’ participation

    Integrate your organization communications and allow your workers to share information from anywhere.

  • Increase the productivity of your organization

    Support it with advanced applications by enabling services such as VoIP, videoconferencing and wireless networks and be up to date with your business.

Safe Investment

Our Huawei routing & switching technology
guarantees the base of your business.

We have all the technologies that provide a fast and reliable network
for customers expecting quick responses with
personalized services by phone, mail,
or web page.

In Netdata Networks, we create solutions that
take care of your investment and value your trust.

Wan Optimization

Improve the speed of your communications with duplication
techniques and VPN tunnels that optimize your information
transferring efficient data over long distances,
connecting you to all areas of your company.

Net Speed

Take your network to maximum speed

In NETDATA, we create solutions for your network enhances and protects your information.

It is a virtual platform that fits any type of hypervisors and accelerates the speed of the
connections with remote offices, data centers and cloud solutions.


Wireless solutions for businesses of all
kinds, allowing you to have a safe,
scalable and high performance platform of communication.


It won’t be a problem

Stay connected without limits
with solutions that reduce distances
and improve your communications.

Telefonia Ip

Communicate effectively via internet.

Communicate using only your internet connection.

No matter where you are, you can access to your telephone services through a Smartphone, Tablet or laptop.

Real control of your phone.

We provide you the necessary tools to take control of your consumption and operations.

More communication for less cost.

Don´t spend more money; we offer you a system of communication with a lower price than traditional telephony.

It works as analog telephony

IP telephony allows you best benefits from communication due to the integration of LAN, WAN, WLAN infrastructure.

Net Presence

Closer to your organization.
Communicate from anywhere and make work tables for quick and effective decisions. Live the experience to communicate ourselves in virtual rooms.

Live the experience to carry out your meetings beyond the borders.

Communicate from anywhere.

No matter where you are, discuss ideas in real time through conferences and virtual workshops.

Reduce costs on distances.

Save costs on travelling expenses for meetings with customers, partners and employees.

Save time and arrive on time.

Improve your time management in travels and meetings and be on time in all the processes of your business.

Innovate your communication.

Increase the productivity of your organization improving your way of sharing information, knowledge and processes with employees, customers and partners. Let them live the experience.


In Netdata Networks, We turn the solution into an experience through unified technologies
quickly adapted to your company, creating effective communication channels
that will connect you to the world.

Know the story
of Juan

Netdata It

We have the experience
and the technological allies
needed to developyour IT infrastructure.

The Experience of the user
is all

In NETDATA, we integrate, using global standards, the components needed to build
an IT platform that generates highly satisfactory results

  • Servers

    Where all the processing of the information is carried out; effective applications that enhance the experience of the end user depend on them.

  • Storage

    Where the most important to you is stored: your information. Its finest performance allows to maintain high levels of availability and reliability for access to the required information.

  • Virtualization

    The use of virtual servers shortens significantly the time of new tasks in the system, which optimizing the way processes are performed.

It Integration

In NETDATA, we are at the vanguard of technology, we are leaders in IT solutions integration,
and we have specialists in each of the areas that will allow you to deploy
your network infrastructure according to your needs.


The protection that your network needs

In NETDATA, we have solutions
that protect the integrity of your information.

We anticipate threats and attacks on your network with security technologies
that monitor the flow of information and ensure
the correct use of your applications.

  • Government

    Take care of your information

    Check your network traffic and protect your database with tools that enable you to identify who will access your information.

  • Economy

    Trust your traffic.

    Avoid attacks in your business and transaction systems classifying your data and allowing a proper traffic.

  • Education

    Safety is a priority in all campus.

    Prevent interruptions in educational systems; ensure the proper use of technologies identifying users based on their role in the campus.

  • Services

    Be a leader in your market.

    Protect and ensure your network services to add value to the operation of your business, enabling secure users, applications and content.

  • Health

    Treat your patients with new technologies.

    Ensure the well-being of your patients and the effectiveness of the physician staff, protect the information of your patients and improve your experiences with digital applications.


With NetdataSec you no longer need to worry about empowering users to perform their tasks. Prevent, identify and take action.

  • With the next-generation firewall

    You can prevent intruders and viruses, as well as performing filtering of content and control applications to provide a secure network platform.

  • Protection in real time

    Identify attacks that may affect your network, even if they are encrypted. Our every hour periodic updates allow detecting most recent threats.

  • Optimize your applications

    Classify applications that are important to your business, and allow access to them according to user profiles, schedules and consumption of network resources.

  • Reduce costs

    Increase your profits, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and boost the profitability of your organization.


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